Project Description

Distance Time Difficulty Round
4.7 km 2 h 1/5 No
No_Water Swimming Food Walking_With_Child

STARTING POINT: Agios Giorgis church in Lourantianika

MAIN SIGHTS: Cypress forest in Lourantianika, Agios Giannis church (at Agriolies), Fyroi (red land), Kapsali



In essence, the route connecting Louradianika and Kapsali is a charming rural trail amidst beautiful scenery. The pathway begins at the church of Agios Georgios.   Just outside of the village, tucked away behind the church (which dates back to the late 16thcentury) lies a breathtaking cypress forest! A step under the shade of the cypress trees propels you into a tranquil setting completed by running streams of water, where protruding  tree roots form a natural staircase for sure footing. The resting areas along the path have been lovingly installed by Mathios, the heart and soul behind this trail route.

Leaving behind the cypress forest, the trail climbs the mountain side towards to picturesque church of Ai-Giannis of Agriolies, which offers a remarkable view over the eastern side of the island. From here, the trail begins a smooth descent towards Kapsali, passing though the olives groves of Fyros (red earth). From here you can take a detour to the Agious Akindynous (“Harmless Saints”), a small cliffside monastery at the mountain top, with a panoramic view over all of Kythera. Heading downhill towards Kapsali the trail offers a great view over the city and fortified castle of Chora.


  • At the beginning of the trail, at Lourantinika, is a beautiful cypress forest, ideal for a short afternoon’s walk, or a pic-nic!

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