Project Description

We apologise! The section of Trail M11 between Livadi and the cave of Agia Sofia is closed due to maintenance works until further notice.

Distance Time Difficulty Round
8.2 km 3 h 2/5 No
No_Water Swimming Food No_Walking_With_Child

STARTING POINT: The Kapsali peer / The Hotel Eleni in Livadi

MAIN SIGHTS: Kapsali, Old coble stone path, Agia Sofia cave, Agios Giannis (of Agriolies)



From the picturesque Kapsali Bay, one can walk to Livadi through an amazing path. The path climbs the cliffs above Kapsali and after about 40 minutes of walking reaches the spectacular cave of Agia Sofia in Kalamos. In this cave, where lies the homonym little church, an archaeological team discovered the most ancient antiquities ever found on the island. Under the cave’s shadow you can take a small rest before starting the second ascent, towards the village of Kseroniamata. The path reaches, through abandoned fields, the old church of Agios Giannis (of Agriolies) with spectacular views towards the Eastern parts of the island. Another hour’s walk leads the walker to Livadi, one of the commercial villages of Kythera.


  • Take a powerful torch with you, so that you can explore the cave of Agia Sofia in Kalamos.
  • You can combine this trail with trail M15 starting from Lourantianika.


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